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Plane Tree of Hippocrates, Kos

The tree of Hippocrates in Kos is a tree that has become symbolic for the teaching and knowledge of medicine. The tree is said to be under which Hippocrates taught his pupils, but also Paul who taught Christianity in Kos. The tree itself is an oriental plane tree, with a crown diameter of about 12 metres (40 ft), which makes it the largest plane tree in Europe. If you are looking to improve your medical knowledge or just want to visit a place that has been important since ancient times then this should be on your list!

Hippocrates' tree has been standing in the center of Kos town for 2400 years. The current tree is only about 500 years old, but may possibly be a descendant of the original that Hippocrates of Kos himself planted there 2500-3000 BC. This ancient and majestic oak has become hollowed out over time as its branches are supported by metal scaffolding to keep it from collapsing on passersby below.

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Kos is the third biggest Greek island of the Dodecanese group, and it has everything! A big place can have crowded beaches or more isolated spots depending on your mood. Asklepion is a holistic medical center in Kos that dates back to Hippocrates; Neratzia Castle and Antimachia Castle are also excellent historical monuments you should visit when visiting this beautiful paradise!

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