Bodrum Day Trip from Kos: A trip worth taking
September 6, 2022
Hippocrates Tree and other fascinating things to do in Kos for 2023
February 26, 2023
Bodrum Day Trip from Kos: A trip worth taking
September 6, 2022
Hippocrates Tree and other fascinating things to do in Kos for 2023
February 26, 2023

Kos Island is a hidden gem in the Aegean Sea. This beautiful island has so much to offer tourists and visitors alike. From its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to its friendly locals and delicious food, Kos is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some Greek hospitality. And with our local guide for 2023, you'll be able to find all the best hidden spots on the island! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Kos today!

Experience a unique local culture: Kos is home to friendly locals who are always willing to share their stories of the island and its history.

When traveling to Kos, be sure to experience the unique local culture. The locals, who are among the warmest and friendliest people you will find anywhere, will be more than eager to share their stories of life on this beautiful Greek Island. You can get a true taste of its history with tales of ancient sights like the Asklepion, an archaeological site with healing springs dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing in Ancient Greece, as well as its most famous tourist attractions spanning from sparkling Aegean beaches to medieval castles.

Whether through conversations around dinner tables or boat rides along the shoreline; taking a few minutes to chat with locals means gaining more insight and experiences into a piece of history and culture that come alive within this vibrant island paradise.

The Asklepion, located in Kos Island, is a site of great historical significance. This archaeological site was dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing in Ancient Greece. It is said that Asklepion was where Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, studied and practiced his medical arts.

At Asklepion, you can take a tour of the ruins and learn about its history. You'll also find healing springs, which are believed to have special therapeutic powers.

Relax on beautiful beaches of Kos: With crystal-clear waters, stunning views and clean sand, you'll find plenty of excellent spots for sunbathing or swimming.

Kos Island is a paradise for those looking to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Boasting crystal-clear waters and sugar-sand beaches, there are a plethora of beautiful spots perfect for any traveler looking to lounge and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Whether you're searching for a quiet cove with queit waves lapping at the shore, or a more vibrant beach lined with umbrellas, ice cream stands and other vendors, Kos Island has options for everyone. And if you feel like taking a dip, the turquoise waters offer a refreshing respite from any heatwave. Make sure to add a beach day (or two!) to your trip - you won't regret it!

The best beach to visit on Kos Island is Therma Beach. Located just south of Kos Town, this gorgeous beach offers stunning views and plenty of opportunities for relaxation. The main draw ofTherma Beach is its unique thermal water runoff, which mixes with the sea water to create an incredible natural swimming pool with warm temperatures year round

Go exploring: From historical sites such as Ancient Asklepion to picturesque fishing villages like Kardamena, there's something for everyone in Kos!

If you’re looking for a holiday escape where you can explore a plethora of cultural sites and unique attractions, then Kos Island should be at the top of your list! Though well known by tourists around the world, there are plenty of hidden gems along this Greek island that are waiting to be discovered.

From Ancient Asklepion and the vast UNESCO listed Nerántza River ecosystem to enchanted fishing villages like Kardamena and Termes, you won’t have trouble finding adventure on Kos Island. Whether it's admiring historical avenues lined with lush gardens or taking in views from one of the many beaches, Kos provides an enjoyable escape for anyone seeking into uncover its hidden gems.

The least known hidden gem of Kos Island is Kos Castle, an impressive medieval fortress located in Kos Town. Built by the Knights of St. John during the 16th century, Kos Castle has been a a Kos trademark for centuries and serves as a reminder of Kos Island's long history and culture. The castle is made up of two separate fortresses, one of which has been converted into a museum. Visitors can explore the castle grounds and admire its intricate stonework and views of Kos Town.

Enjoy delicious food: Greek cuisine is world-renowned and Kos has some of the best traditional dishes around - from gyros to souvlaki.

When visiting Kos Island, food lovers can explore a cuisine that marries flavours of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Aching to venture beyond beach snacks like gyros and souvlaki? Don't worry: local restaurants are ready to serve regional specialties, let alone piping-hot dishes of affordability. Whether one fancies seafood seasoned with oregano or meat grilled to perfection, the island promises beloved ingredients like feta cheese and a wide range of herbs fresh from the garden. So adventure-seekers looking for incredible food: make sure to come hungry when seeking out those hidden gems on Kos Island!

Go sailing or take a boat trip: Explore the Aegean Sea up close with a day out on the water - you'll get some amazing views!

Experience the beauty and splendor of Kos Island from a new perspective with a sailing or boat trip along the idyllic Aegean Sea. Marvel at glittering azure waters and quaint fishing villages as you cruise around this beautiful paradise.

With plenty of nearby beaches, idyllic inlets, and tranquil bays dotting the coastline, you can bask in the warm summer breeze and take in the picturesque views of vibrant shorelines and sparkling waters. Let nature's serenity enchant you and explore the wonders of this magical spot - rent your own boat to experience an unforgettable adventure!

Don't forget that Kos Island is the perfect starting point for a memorable sailing adventure in the Greek Islands. From Kos, you can take a leisurely cruise to the nearby islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos, and Plati.

Kalymnos, for example, is an ideal destination for sailors looking to explore cosmopolitan Greek culture and  sample fresh seafood at local restaurants. Pserimos is known for its picturesque beaches, while Plati features stunning traditional architecture. With Kos Island as your starting point, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of activities and attractions throughout the Aegean Sea!

Take part in exciting activities: From diving and snorkelling trips to ATV excursions, there's so much fun waiting for you on Kos Island!

If you're looking for an escape to the Mediterranean and an adventurous holiday, Kos Island offers plenty of activities to keep you busy! From a day under the sea snorkeling and diving with friendly sea creatures, to exploring the rugged terrain on an ATV excursion, you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

With its unspoiled landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Kos is the perfect destination for visitors who want to get off the beaten path and experience a little bit of old-world charm. So take advantage of what this beautiful Greek island has to offer and come explore all its hidden gems!

To sum up, Kos Island is the perfect place for travelers looking to experience a unique local culture and relax in beautiful natural surroundings. With friendly locals, delicious cuisine, stunning beaches, exciting activities and more, there's something for everyone here. So whether you want to go diving or simply soak up the island life from your seat on the sand, start planning your trip to Kos now - you won't regret it! One thing's for sure: with its hidden gems and unforgettable experiences, Kos Island is guaranteed to be an unforgettable destination come 2023.