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August 27, 2021
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May 31, 2022

„...The bicycle path of Kos starts from Faros beach and extends to the end of the beach of Psalidi, a distance of about 13 km ( ! )!”


13 km of Cycling Roads

Cycling in Kos is a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way to explore the island. The bicycle path of Kos starts from Faros beach and extends to the end of the beach of Psalidi! With many side roads, some leading into Kos city, one can go wherever they want just by having a bike. Locals who prefer this means of transportation for work or just as an outing are plenty.

There are many more routes to explore beyond the city of Kos. These include mountainous dirt roads, overlooking nature on one side and panoramic views from the island of Kos on the other, as well as paved road but with limited traffic that leads to beaches and villages such a route starting in town of Kos , crossing Tigkaki then reaching Marmari village and its beautiful beaches .

Renting a bike and exploring the island is an activity loved by many tourists. There are plenty of shops, from road bikes to mountain bikes; you can even rent tandem bicycles for two riders! It’s best that you ask about necessary equipment like helmets and gloves beforehand so that everything will go smoothly when renting your bicycle. Locals know how it goes with cyclists but they always recommend paying attention in driving, signaling traffic lights or following signs while riding around town as one should do when operating any vehicle on public roads. Cyclists must obey priority signs and keep their distance from all vehicles including those used during cycling events such as races held throughout the year .

You can find many bike routes made by bikers around Kos here